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🇺🇦☢️ CHERNOBYL – Welcome to Pripyat ☢️🇺🇦

January 28, 2019

Pripyat may not be as well-known as the name of Chernobyl, but the images and the ghostly eeriness…

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🇺🇦☢️ CHERNOBYL – Reactor 4 and the Cooling Tower ☢️🇺🇦

January 27, 2019

The adventure continues and from where I had left you at the river running through…

adventure chernobyl Photography Travel wanderlust

🇺🇦☢️ CHERNOBYL – The Orphanage ☢️🇺🇦

January 14, 2019

Hello once again and you may remember that in my previous post I left you…

adventure chernobyl Photography Travel wanderlust

🇺🇦☢️ CHERNOBYL – The Entry Point ☢️🇺🇦

January 10, 2019

‘Privyet’ from Chernobyl, or almost anyway, as I am currently stood on the border of the 30 km…

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🇲🇰 SKOPJE – Balkan Adventure Part IX

June 10, 2018
A Travel and Photography blog on Skopje in Macedonia.