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Pripyat – 1970

Pripyat may not be as well-known as the name of Chernobyl, but the images and the ghostly eeriness of Pripyat are most certainly what make this place so famous.  The majority of photos or movies or documentaries showcase the sights of Pripyat such as the infamous Ferris Wheel, of which I will visit during my stay in this disturbing ghost town.

Pripyat was a town born to serve the nearby Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant by housing the workers and families and was inaugurated in 1970.  Nine years later the town finally became a City and the population eventually grew to just under 50,000 people.

Then came the events of 1986.  The events of which I spoke of in my previous posts on my visit to Chernobyl and its Nuclear Power Station.  The events that would change the future of the city of Pripyat forever.


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As you can see on the satellite view above, the majority of the city has now been taken over by trees, but you can still make out the major roads leading into and around Pripyat.

Labelled on the map are the main locations of the places I will be visiting or trying to find at least, and my start point would be in the bottom right at that junction after having passed the ‘Pripyat 1970’ sign.

And into the city we go…


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The first stop would be the Cinema, followed by the Music School to the rear, then back outside and past the famous Hotel Polissya and onto the main city square in front of the Palace of Culture Energetik.

Heading to the Cinema felt like a trip through the woods and I now realised how the city had become engulfed by trees.

The Prometheus Cinema as seen below was a popular hang out for the locals along with its Café.


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Inside the Cinema, the Screen was desolate with barely a seat in there…

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The Music School still furnished with a piano on the stage, albeit with only one working key.

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Out of the back of the Music School, you come past the City Administration building with its Nuclear symbol on the doorway and then there just ahead, one of the tallest buildings in Pripyat, the Hotel Polissya.

Screenshot 2019-01-27 at 10.58.10.pngScreenshot 2019-01-27 at 11.35.01.png

The Hotel Polissya was built in the mid-1970s with the main purpose of housing the delegations and the many guests visiting the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station.

The Hotel now, as you can see after over 30 years of isolation in a world of fallout, has pretty much gone to ruin with half the interior destroyed.

Screenshot 2019-01-27 at 11.42.46.png

Now in front of the Hotel Polissya I am stood on the Main Square of Pripyat and the adventure will continue in my next blog post…

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