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Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 16.12.14.png
One of the many radioactive warning signs leading into the woods

Hello once again and you may remember that in my previous post I left you as I stood in front of the ‘Chernobyl’ welcoming sign, and now I am deep into the 10 km exclusion zone and things began to feel a lot more ghostly and abandoned…

One thing I had learnt from the many horror films that I have seen, is that if you stop on a road in the middle of an abandoned region, is never leave the track and head into the woods…. so what am I doing, yes, heading straight into the woods.  At least it isn’t dark though yet!

As you can see in the photo above, I have come across a ‘radioactive’ warning sign as the woodlands soak up a lot of the radioactive fallout but I have equipped myself with a geiger counter and the readouts were not too bad, but that can change in an instant depending on your immediate surroundings.

As I venture into the woods with just the normal sound of Autumn leaves cracking and rustling below my boots as I walk, I finally come across an abandoned building in front of me.  The building appears to be some kind of old hall or a school with its pillars at the facade.  The interior though looks in complete darkness…


Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 16.28.18.png
The abandoned building in the woods

Obviously though I have to see what is inside this building in the woods, so I am going to enter through the door and see what is inside.  At least it isn’t a ‘Cabin’ in the woods… I have seen that and don’t fancy that kind of experience!

What was inside wasn’t complete darkness though, or an empty hall, but it appeared to be an abandoned orphanage of some kind, rooms that have been left alone for over 30 years.

Some were offices with paperwork left on the ground, possibly a dining room but the room was too affected to figure it out, so I continued to a corridor.  I went down the corridor and into a room that only videos or photos could describe the scene of horror…


As you could see, the final room that I entered was a room full of empty steel bunk beds with some covers left behind, but also toys and more creepy to me, dolls!  Now for me, abandoned old radioactively affected dolls are as creepy as it gets and these will have been laying here for over 30 years in these woods…

The room had a freezing cold draught blowing through it and a build up of leaves on some of the beds nearer the windows at the end.  This is a room that I didn’t want to spend too long inside and Chernobyl was living up to its reputation.

Also you will have heard the beeping in the background.  That alarm beeping was from geiger counter alerting me to the level of radiation inside of that building.

Check out the photos I got from that room below…


Screenshot 2019-01-11 at 16.50.25.pngScreenshot 2019-01-11 at 16.49.33.pngScreenshot 2019-01-11 at 16.49.50.pngScreenshot 2019-01-11 at 16.50.02.png

With the alarm beeping and the horrific scary dolls laying there, It was definitely time to head back to the van as I didn’t fancy ending up in some kind of Chernobyl remake of the film ‘Annabelle’.  ‘The Walking Dolls’ or something like that…

So now away from the horror scene, back through the woods and into the van which was still there parked up on the side of the road and on to the point of disaster, Reactor No.4 at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

If you look to the satellite view below you can see that I am currently at Point B, halfway between the small town of Chernobyl and the Nuclear Power Point at Point A.  So still a bit of a drive to go, but its not as if I’m going to get stuck in traffic here.


Screenshot 2019-01-12 at 19.33.13.png

My plan from here now at Point B is to head northwards to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant at Point A and also to pay a visit to the worlds most famous nuclear reactor.  The infamous Reactor 4.

As I move closer to my destination I begin to see industrial buildings, a river and then right in front, the monstrous silver arch roof shining on top of what was reactor 4.


Screenshot 2019-01-12 at 19.44.14.png
Reactor 4 to the left of the picture

To be continued…

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