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🇧🇷 Iguaçu Falls (The Brazilian Side)

October 16, 2018

This experience makes seeing both sides of Iguaçu Falls in one day easily completable.  I highly recommend this one!  This post will focus on the Brazilian part of my visit to this natural wonder, and one of the most incredible sights I had ever seen.

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After seeing the atmospheric and wild side of Iguaçu Falls in Argentina, it was now time to see the beautiful and picturesque side of the falls back in Brazil.

Despite this side of the falls being touted as less wild, as you can see in the photo below, it was still certainly still pretty wild!


This came even more into mind upon entering a small jungle phase of the trek and coming across more Coatis which I had seen everywhere around this natural wonder, but also I then bumped into quite a few curious and excitable ‘Capuchin Monkeys’.

Capuchin Monkeys are extremely intelligent, and are considered the most intelligent of all the NewWorld Monkeys.  These, are a species of monkey that have been used as jockeys, actors in movies and have even been kept as exotic pets!?  One thing I really hate though, is that these, often are used as laboratory test victims.  Really upsetting.  Please just leave them in the wild!



Wandering down the jungle path I could begin to once again hear the thunder of the waterfall.  Despite having seen it already on the Argentine side, the same excitement was still there, if not more due to being able to wander to the bottom part of the falls this time around.

One word….. WOW.  Look at the panoramic photos below….



Type: Cataract Waterfall
Height: 82 metres / 269 ft
Falls: 275
Longest Fall: Garganta del Diablo (82m)
Total Width: 1.7 miles / 2.7 km
Watercourse: The Iguazu River

Despite seeing videos and photos of these incredible waterfalls, there is nothing like visiting the real thing to experience just how loud, powerful and ginormous these creations of nature are.

Also just how bloody soaking wet you get!  I really do recommend wearing one of the provided anoraks when traversing the bridge that is laid out in front of the falls.  This is not due to the immediate splash of the fall but the heavy mist of water that is swept across you.

I went from dry to soaked in literally 0.9 seconds….


Iguaçu Falls have featured in several big blockbuster movies.  You may possibly have seen them if you have watched “Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, “Captain America: Civil War” and more recently, Marvel’s “The Black Panther”.


So if you are a Marvel fan and always wanted to visit ‘Wakanda’, then Iguaçu Falls is the real location.

It may not be as famous as Niagara Falls, but if you want to see a more adventurous wild and to me, by far more impressive natural wonder, then please make a trip to Brazil or Argentina to see the Iguaçu Falls.


Equipment: Canon EOS 750D w/EFS 18-55mm Lens DSLR Camera           Apple iPhone 7
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    the #1 Itinerary

    October 17, 2018

    Great post 😁

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    October 24, 2018

    Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing!

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