🇳🇴 New Year the Husky Way

So after a day at sea, it was time to head inland towards the arctic mountains of Northern Norway to Ramfjordbotn and meet up with the huskies I would be spending the last day of 2017 with.

After a few lessons on how to use the sled (safely), for instance how to use the brake, and the anchor, which worked like a handbrake, and some other safety issues, it was off to meet my furry friends that I would be riding through the snow for the rest of that day or night…..to be honest, I couldn’t tell whether it was day or night anymore.

I made my way over past the hut and there they all were!  Round about 80 or so dogs! And one thing that surprised me was just how friendly and loving they were despite them being outdoor pack animals.  I went over and met my seven huskies and it didn’t take long to start seeing the different personalities in the dogs!  The loud leader, the shy one, the hyper one, the one that…..well….had something on his mind, and it wasn’t pulling a sled!

It wasn’t long before they were getting inpatient and wanting to get on with it and began barking and howling and scrapping with each other (playfully).  They do create a lot of noise between them, so I can imagine you would be able to hear them from quite a distance.

As it got dark, the head-torch was required and came into use, despite the moonlight being very bright in the cloudy but still freezing cold sky.  We made it to the uphill sections of the journey, in which I did my best to help the squad out by pushing from the back of the sled.  One thing that was unbelievable was how strong they were for the their size!

When we made it to the summit, the views from the top were absolutely incredible and the way the moon shimmered on the lake and along with the huge snow covered mountains that surrounded us, the panorama in front and around us made it look like we were on another planet, existing in another world.


I can sincerely say that this was one of the best experiences I have ever had.  The views, the fast downhill sections of the sledding, the cold breeze, and most of all……the amazing company and hard work from my seven mates on my New Year adventure.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 from Ramfjordbotn!!!

1 thought on “🇳🇴 New Year the Husky Way

  1. Best company, really? I’m giving you the face. Jokes a side they are really great dogs, I once had a ride in Russia, although they are smelly ones ☺ I’d like to repeat, perhaps in Norway. Great post and pics.

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