🇳🇴 The Beginning (Connection in Oslo)

Velkommen to Norway 🇳🇴

And to the start of my TravelBlog! or at least an attempt at one….

So…..the journey began at Manchester Airport in the early morning, and after a bloody annoying long wait at security (due to the people who still ignore the countless “liquids in a clear bag please” signs along what felt like the 12 stations of the Via Dolarosa) and then finally got on the flight to Norway.  On the flight I had a very interesting in-flight meal of Catfish and Kale Oil?! and was very nice indeed.


Despite the long wait and the watching of all the travellers searching for charge points (we seem to spend out lives on charge!) …. I noticed just how nice an airport Oslo Gardermön is! (see pic above)  Really clean, comfortable and quiet, and overall a bloody nice Airport.

After taking out a mortgage to be able to pay for a drink….Yes….about £9 for soft drink!!?*True Fact* I paid more for a drink at this airport than I did for my flight to Romania with Ryanair…..Unbelievable.

6 hour wait for the flight to Tromsø

So the call for my flight came, and then onto the flight heading North towards the small city of Tromsø.

On the flight I gorged on a Reindeer and Horseradish wrap, which was very nice, and then also was handed over a selection of three posh chocolates! You don’t get that on Ryanair or Easyjet.


Cockpit of the aircraft that would be taking me to Tromsø Langenes.

An hour and thirty minutes later, it was time to begin the descent…..

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